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Advanced Approaches to UX Research

A new free Intensive led by Jared Spool! 
September 13-17
Time commitment: 10-hours
Price: Free (yep, really!)
Sign up: Join the community then the Intensive program.

Guide Your Organization To Make Smart Choices

UX leaders often talk about the importance of “having a seat at the table.” However, what’s more important is what we bring to the table.

Right now, your organization faces some critical decisions. Decisions that will determine if the future is easy or extremely difficult. Decisions that will choose the best way to focus limited resources. Decisions that, if made right, will delight your users and customers, or, if made wrong, will completely frustrate those customers and cost the organization money and reputation.

When important decisions have to be made, do we have the data and insights to guide the decision makers to the best choices? This is the product of great user research. It’s the superpower that UX leaders just like you can bring to the table.

Here’s the schedule for the week:

Monday: Win Influence with an Advanced User Research Strategy (Choose either 2 pm ET / 18.00 GMT or 7 pm ET / 23.00GMT.)

Tuesday: Implementation & Inspiration: Identify Your UX Research Weak Spots (11 am ET/15.00 GMT)

Tuesday: Deliver Better-Designed Products with a Research-Driven Roadmap (Choose either 2 pm ET / 18.00 GMT or 7 pm ET / 23.00GMT.)

Wednesday: Implementation & Inspiration: Infuse the Roadmap with Your UX Research (11 am ET/15.00 GMT)

Wednesday: Increase Innovation with Continuous Research (Choose either 2 pm ET / 18.00 GMT or 7 pm ET / 23.00GMT.)

Thursday: Implementation & Inspiration: Expand Your UX Research Influence (11 am ET/15.00 GMT)

Thursday: Dramatically Scale Your Organization’s Research Capabilities (Choose either 2 pm ET / 18.00 GMT or 7 pm ET / 23.00GMT.)

Friday: Convince Stakeholders of the Full Value of UX (Choose either 2 pm ET / 18.00 GMT or 7 pm ET / 23.00GMT.)

Each session builds on the next. So don’t miss a moment. (We’ll post recordings shortly after each session, but your best bet is to catch it live.)

You’ll also want to reserve 30-45 minutes each day with your team to build out your advanced UX research strategy. We’ll give you worksheets to guide your thinking and you’ll get feedback at each Implementation & Inspiration session.

Spend the week of September 13th discovering what your UX research efforts truly need. Put together a plan that makes your UX team strategic, influential, and innovative.

Hosted by Center Centre – UIE's Jared Spool and Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman.

What is Leaders of Awesomeness?

You’re about to join a community of more than 27,000 UX design, research, and content leaders. Our community is the place where UX leaders come to share, reflect, and grow.

Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman, Jared Spool, and the team at Center Centre – UIE launched this new online community for UX leaders to gather and share their experience and wisdom. We’d love for you to join too.

In addition to thoughtful community discussion around all matters of UX leadership topics, we host free weekly live discussions, called Talk UX Strategy with Jared Spool.

To be part of the discussion, just join the community. Once you’re in, you’ll find all the event details, including how to participate in the topics. (Can’t make those times, no worries. We post the recordings of every session in the community.)

Upcoming Talk UX Strategy discussions that I’d love for you to join:

  • Tuesday, September 7: Recruiting UX Research Participants: The Hard Work to Make It Easy

All discussions are at 2pm ET (18.00 GMT). You can subscribe to the Leaders of Awesomeness calendar and these, and any new discussions, will automatically be added to your calendar.

Both the community and the Talk UX Strategy sessions are free.

Note: After you request to join the Leaders of Awesomeness community, look in your inbox for an email with a link to finish the process. (We have to manually approve you, so it may take a few minutes to show up.)

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