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What is Leaders of Awesomeness?

Hosted by Center Centre – UIE's Jared Spool and Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman.

Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman, Jared Spool, and the team at Center Centre – UIE launched Leaders of Awesomeness, an online community of more than 39,000 UX design, research, and content leaders. 

Join our community to connect with UX leaders all over the world around the challenges and success you’re having to deliver better design in your organization. You can learn from our curated resources on everything UX to help you tackle those challenges and share advice, techniques, and knowledge with our global community.  

Who is a UX leader? 

If you’re here, you’re probably a leader.

A UX leader is different from a UX manager. A UX leader is not an appointed position. Anyone can become a UX leader; all it takes is a follower, a simple vision of where you want the UX in your company to be, and the drive to get it to that point. 

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In the community, you’ll find regularly hosted…

Free Live UX Strategy Discussions

Join hundreds of UX leaders every Monday for our live Talk UX Strategy sessions hosted by Jared Spool and Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman. Each session is focused on relevant UX strategy concepts that you can implement in your organization. Jared also takes time to answer questions at the end of each session. 

Join our sessions to get a clear direction on where you need to take your UX strategy. Learn about interesting, relevant UX topics with hundreds of other UX leaders. And the learning doesn’t end with the session; our lively community in Leaders of Awesomeness keeps the conversations going. 

Join our upcoming Talk UX Strategy discussions these Mondays at 2pm EST (18.00 GMT): 

If you can’t make it to the discussion, don’t worry. Each session will be recorded and posted in the community for you to watch at your convenience.

Join our community to attend our Monday Talk UX Strategy sessions.

UX Topic Intensives 

Every 6 to 7 weeks, you can register for one of our Intensives. Each Intensive is a little over a week-long and dives deep into a different aspect of UX strategy. You’ll get real-time working sessions, with assignments, one-on-one feedback, and an opportunity to strengthen your organization’s UX capabilities. 

Our Intensives will help you streamline your organization to UX maturity. You’ll learn skills and techniques to gain the support you need from executives and key stakeholders. Join our Intensives to finally show the true value that UX can bring to your organization. 

Our Intensives include:

  • Advanced Approaches to UX Research - June 5, 2023
    Sign up to join: Research.centercentre.com/
    Make your UX Research more strategic, influential, and innovative.
  • Persuasive UX Metrics - Last hosted February 2023
    Revolutionize how UX is valued throughout your organization through meaningful metrics.

  • Audacious UX Goals - Last hosted Feb 9, 2022
    Set the clear UX direction your organization needs to succeed.

  • Taking Control of Agile UX - Last hosted March 28, 2022
    UX and Agile are not natural enemies. Let’s stop treating them that way.

Join our community for details on how to sign up for an upcoming Intensive.

A quick note from Jared and Leslie: 

After you request to join our Leaders of Awesomeness community, look in your inbox for an email with a link to finish the process. Then after you join, we’d love for you to introduce yourself in the community. 

Looking forward to seeing you there