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What is Leaders of Awesomeness?

You’re about to join a community of more than 30,000 UX design, research, and content leaders. Our community is the place where UX leaders come to share, reflect, and grow.

Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman, Jared Spool, and the team at Center Centre – UIE launched this new online community for UX leaders to gather and share their experience and wisdom. We’d love for you to join too.

In addition to thoughtful community discussion around all matters of UX leadership topics, we host free weekly live discussions, called Talk UX Strategy with Jared Spool.

To be part of the discussion, just join the community. Once you’re in, you’ll find all the event details, including how to participate in the topics. (Can’t make those times, no worries. We post the recordings of every session in the community.)

All discussions are at 2pm ET (18.00 GMT). You can subscribe to the Leaders of Awesomeness calendar and these, and any new discussions, will automatically be added to your calendar.

Upcoming Talk UX Strategy discussions:

  • What to Measure for UX: The User’s Behavior or their Attitudes?
    Monday, October 25
  • Why Your Analytics Tools Are Wrong For UX Metrics
    Monday, November 1 

Both the community and the Talk UX Strategy sessions are free.

Persuasive UX Metrics intensive

Nov 8-15 (New! UX Leader VIP Sessions Nov 8-18)
Show the Value of UX

Join us to learn everything there is to know about creating Persuasive UX Metrics. Each day of the Intensive dive deep into a session topic through either our 2 pm ET (19.00 GMT) or 7 pm ET (24.00 GMT) session time:

  • Align Your Teams to Continuously Delivering Great UX with UX Outcomes - Monday, Nov 8

  • Score an Organization-Wide Celebration of UX Improvements with Success Metrics - Tuesday, Nov 9

  • Achieve Your UX Goals Through Continuous Improvement with Progress Metrics - Wednesday, Nov 10

  • Win the Backing and Support of Key Champions Using Problem-Value Metrics - Thursday, Nov 11

  • Deepen Your Executive’s Commitment to Better UX with Persuasive Metrics - Friday, Nov 12

  • What Your UX Metrics Strategy Looks Like - Monday, Nov 15

We’re also excited to announce an all new way to experience our Intensive through our UX Leader VIP packages. VIP UX Leaders get all the tools and techniques necessary to bring great UX metrics to your team, including how to:

  • Facilitate workshops with stakeholders and peers to establish your outcomes and metrics.

  • Avoid common traps and snags many UX leaders bump into their first time out.

  • Determine your next steps for making this happen inside your enterprise.

  • Empower your collaborators with powerful messaging that sells your metrics throughout the organization.

The UX Leader VIP Packages have full access to every daily Intensive session and these additional VIP sessions:

NEW! VIP Train-the-Trainer Sessions: 3 special sessions to give you what you need to empower, facilitate, and implement your metrics strategy.

  • VIP Train-the-Trainer: Get Stakeholder Alignment on UX Outcomes
    Tuesday, Nov 9, 11am ET (16.00 GMT)

  • VIP Train-the-Trainer: Identify How You’ll Measure Success
    Wednesday, Nov 10, 11am ET (16.00 GMT)

  • VIP Train-the-Trainer: Strategize How You’ll Measure Your Team’s Progress - Thursday, Nov 11, 11am ET (16.00 GMT)

VIP Guest Expert Discussion: On Tuesday, November 16, we’ll host a special Q&A with an industry expert to dive in deep on a topic for making metrics work. 

NEW! VIP Live Sessions: Lead Your UX Metrics Strategy: Meet with Jared Spool to plan your next steps and discuss any challenges you’re facing. Overcome your obstacles. (Pick one)

  • VIP Live Session #1: Lead Your UX Metrics Strategy
    Wednesday, Nov 17, 2pm ET (19.00 GMT)

  • VIP Live Session #2: Lead Your UX Metrics Strategy
    Wednesday, Nov 17, 7pm ET (24.00 GMT)

  • VIP Live Session #3: Lead Your UX Metrics Strategy
    Thursday, Nov 18, 11am ET (16.00 GMT)

NEW! VIP Extended Recording and Notes Availability: UX Leader VIP Package subscribers will get access to the recordings and notes for all sessions until December 20, 2021. 

Are you ready to learn? Or are you ready to lead? 

Join one of our Intensive packages and show the true value of your UX work:

  • UX Learner Package — Free access to the Intensive materials

  • UX Leader VIP Packages — Comprehensive access for great value

Join our Persuasive UX Metrics intensive today!

Note: After you request to join the Leaders of Awesomeness community, look in your inbox for an email with a link to finish the process. (We have to manually approve you, so it may take a few minutes to show up.)

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